What is ZUM?

ZUM is a white label, software-as-a-service and multi-carrier platform that helps manage sales and post-sales tasks for insurance distribution channels:



How does ZUM work?

ZUM integrates insurance distribution channels to insurance companies directly and in real time via our proprietary APIs and Web Services, digitizing every manual process of insurance distribution, making the whole industry digitally connected.

Business Model


Why ZUM?

With ZUM, any of your employees or clients can consult information or perform transactions


ZUM: Main Benefits

  1. 25% savings in operating expenses for both the distributor and the insurance company

  2. Quoting and policy issuing automatization allows for a sevenfold increase in commercial productivity

  3. Ability to penetrate and serve new markets (e.g. SMEs, individuals, or any segment with high-transacionality or lower income), due to a wider digital reach and acquisition cost reductions

  4. Superior customer experience: Issuance and delivery of policies to the client in seconds


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